Customer Testimonials

"Given the large number of projects in our Jira issue tracker it's vital that people have as much control as possible to make changes in a scalable way. The Auditor for Jira Plugin gives us a way to monitor which operations are really used so we can allocate permissions effectively and constrain access to prevent unintended consequences. I highly recommend it."
-- Mark Newton, JBoss Community Lead
"We have a lot of Jira admins in our open source trackers, and sometimes we step on each others toes. Auditor for Jira can help in a big way when bad things happen, there is simply no audit trail without it."
-- Trevor Marshall, Operations Engineer at SpringSource, a division of VMware
"I cannot begin to tell you what a life safer this tool has been. At first glance it looked like a 'nice thing to have'. We had created groups for each project and added people to that project assigning the role level. A new administrator was learning the Jira tool and accidently deleted quite a few of these project roles. Anyone in the role could no longer access the system. Using the Auditor we were able to see the exact roles that had been removed, the spelling of the role and were able to recreate the role. This saved us hours of work. LOVE IT, and it has now moved up to my 'have to have' tool."
-- Edna Van Eyck, Senior Analyst at Kimberly-Clark
"The Auditor for Jira plug-in is a must for any Jira shop where there are multiple administrators. The ease of use and clear concise reporting makes it a snap to determine who changed what, when, and from where. The only thing the person doing the audit needs to do is get the WHY? Also the ability to export the data into a spreadsheet makes reporting to management a breeze."
-- Mike Belski, iBASEt
"I'm happy with the Auditor plugin and find it very useful especially in the environment where admin rights have to be shared with multiple users. Thank you."
-- Witold Koziel, Manager Internet Operations at Consumer Reports