Customer Testimonials

"With nearly 250 Jira projects covering all aspects of Java Middleware, Suggestimate helps us to streamline development by reducing duplication of work and identifying common issues. I highly recommend it!"
-- Mark Newton, JBoss Community Lead
"When doing the treasure hunt for ways to customize Jira to find similar issues, I came across SuggestiMate tool. This is so easy to customize and flexible. The tool is really handy for anyone using Jira."
-- Janakirama Raju Penmetsa, Classmates Online Software Development Manager
"I absolutely love the plugin. It is bar none the most useful addon we use in Jira and has helped drastically reduce our duplication rate. Keep up the great work!"
-- Roland Collins, InvestEdge, Inc. Co-Founder
"One of the ways we use Jira is to maintain a backlog of enhancements and bugs for our existing products. SuggestiMate has made the process of adding an item to this backlog much easier. As I type in the Summary field, SuggestiMate will show similar issues which are already logged allowing me to easily see if this item has already been entered. This has resulted in a reduction in the number of duplicated items in our product backlog, which saves time identifying duplicates manually."
-- Fred Kaiser, Livestock Improvement Corporation Infrastructure Engineer
"We are very happy with SuggestiMate - simple installation, simple configuration, best feedback from our users we ever got for introducing a new Jira plugin. Thank you very much for this great plugin."
-- Wolfgang Fellner, TeamBank AG IT Department Member
"Tried it. Loved it. Purchased license. In production.

-- Kevin Mote, Washington River Protection Solutions Software Engineer
"We are happy to use this plugin. It really helps us in our work. Thank you!"
-- Svetlana Zhukovskaya, InstaForex Group Specialist of Technical Department
"Actually, we've jumped in, using SuggestiMate (more or less) from the beginning, so we can't compare the number or duplicated issues before/after SuggestiMate. But we have about 6 duplicated issues (out of over 550) which I believe is due to SuggestiMate."
-- Andreas Pieber, Open Engineering Service Bus Project Lead
"All who I have spoken with find SuggestiMate a valuable part of our Jira installation. It has been simple to integrate and has cut down on our duplication of issues in the database and identification of duplicates that do make it there. Thanks for a great product."
-- Troy Johnson, Hexagon Metrology Senior Manager