Auditor - Comprehensive Audit Trail for Jira

Auditor for Jira plug-in tracks all administrative events in Atlassian Jira and writes infromation about them to audit log.

Atlassian Jira is a great project and issue tracking tool, but it is missing a sound administrative audit log. Its built-in audit log is very limited and incomplete.

Auditor for Jira fixes this problem. With the audit trail provided by it, you take all your Jira administrators under control and know exactly who did what and when.

Unlike Jira's built-in audit log, Auditor for Jira provides perfect coverage for administrative actions. Please see coverage comparison matrix.

Audit Log for Jira
"We have a lot of Jira admins in our open source trackers, and sometimes we step on each others toes. Auditor for Jira can help in a big way when bad things happen, there is simply no audit trail without it." -- Trevor Marshall, Operations Engineer at SpringSource, a division of VMware
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