The Problem

Auditor for Confluence solves the problem of the lack of information about past actions performed by multiple Confluence administrators.

Today Confluence doesn't provide complete audit trail for administrative events. Some limited auditing is available, but it's far from perfect and is lacking in many areas. For most changes there is no easy way to find out which administrator made which change and when.

Someone reconfigured sidebar? The scheduled jobs were updated? Whitelist was changed? Somebody added external gadgets? An add-on was disabled? A PDF layout was modified for some reason? User's password was changed? Somebody changed something, and as a result things don't work as expected? - If any of this happens in Confluence today, you don't know who made the change, when they did it, and can't ask them why.

The Solution

Auditor for Confluence is an easily installable Confluence plug-in that resolves the problems described above. It tracks all events performed by administrators and stores information about them in the comprehensive audit log. Whenever something unexpected happens, you can search the log and see who and when made the change. Knowing that, you can discuss the issue with this person and find out whether the change was legitimate or done by mistake. This makes your work much easier and puts all your Confluence administration under control.

Event Coverage

Auditor for Confluence tracks all the administrative events in Confluence. Built-in audit log only covers about 35%. See the detailed comparison report below.

EventTracking in built-in Audit LogTracking in Auditor for Confluence
Edit General Configurationpartialyes
Edit Further Configurationyesyes
Edit Backup Administrationyesyes
Edit Manage Referrersyesyes
Edit Languagesyesyes
Edit Shortcut Linksnoyes
Edit External Gadgetsnoyes
Edit Global Templates and Blueprintspartialyes
Edit Recommended Updates Emailnoyes
Edit Mail Serversyesyes
Edit User Macrosnoyes
Edit In-app Notificationsnoyes
Edit HipChat Integrationnoyes
Edit Attachment Storagenoyes
Edit Spam Preventionyesyes
Edit PDF Export Language Supportnoyes
Edit Configure Code Macronoyes
Edit Office Connectornoyes
Edit WebDAV Configurationnoyes
Edit Find new add-onsyesyes
Edit Manage add-onsyesyes
Edit Userspartialyes
Edit Groupsyesyes
Edit Security Configurationyesyes
Edit Global Permissionsyesyes
Edit Space Permissionsnoyes
Edit User Directoriesnoyes
Edit Whitelistnoyes
Edit Themesyesyes
Edit Colour Schemepartialyes
Edit Layoutsyesyes
Edit Stylesheetpartialyes
Edit Site Logo and Faviconpartialyes
Edit PDF Layoutnoyes
Edit PDF Stylesheetnoyes
Edit Sidebar, header and footernoyes
Edit Default Space Logonoyes
Edit Custom HTMLyesyes
Edit Collaborative Editingnoyes
Edit Backup & Restorepartialyes
Edit Content Indexingnoyes
Edit Mail Queuenoyes
Edit Scheduled Jobsnoyes
Edit Cache Managementnoyes
Edit License Detailsyesyes
Edit Logging and Profilingnoyes
Edit Application Linksnoyes
Edit Application Navigatornoyes
Edit Analyticsnoyes
Edit Support Toolsnoyes
Create a Spaceyesyes
Edit Integrations (HipChat)noyes
Edit Integrations (Application Links)noyes
Edit Look and Feel (Themes)yesyes
Edit Look and Feel (Colour Scheme)partialyes
Edit Look and Feel (Layout)yesyes
Edit Look and Feel (Stylesheet)partialyes
Edit Look and Feel (Sidebar, header and footer)noyes
Edit Look and Feel (PDF Layout)noyes
Edit Look and Feel (PDF Stylesheet)noyes
Edit Content Tools (Templates)partialyes
Edit Content Tools (Reorder Pages)noyes
Edit Content Tools (Orphaned Pages)noyes
Edit Content Tools (Attachments)noyes
Edit Content Tools (Trash)partialyes
Edit Content Tools (Export)partialyes
Edit Content Tools (Import)noyes
Edit Permissions yesyes
Edit Permissions (Restricted Pages)noyes
Configure sidebarnoyes
Edit Overview partialyes
Delete Spaceyesyes

Audit Log Data

After you install the plug-in, audit log can be found in Administration > Audit Log

For each administrative event the following information is stored in the log:

  • Time of the event
  • Admin user name
  • IP address
  • Event category
  • Change summary
  • Changed object
  • Extra operation details

Audit Trail Browsing

Events are sorted by time. The most recent ones are on top of the list. You can filter events using a convenient full-text search box. You can also browse events page by page using page selector.

Compatibility with Confluence

We support all Confluence versions starting from 7.4.

If you use an older Confluence version and still want to install Auditor for Confluence, please tell us, and we will figure something out. We plan to expand to other 5.x versions soon

Give It a Try Today

The best way to experience the benefits of Auditor for Confluence is to install it freely and give it a try today.