The Problem

Confluence is used to store vast amounts of important and oftentimes sensitive data. Many people normally have access to this data, but only a small number of users actually view each particular piece of information. It's crucial for administrators to be able to find out which users accessed particular content when there are concerns related to undesirable information disclosure. In addition to that, in many cases, e.g. healthcare industry, finances, government, etc., there exist regulations and policies that demand that access to data should be tracked and recorded.

Unfortunately, Confluence does not provide any convenient tools to track which users viewed which information. The existing workarounds are inconvenient, incomplete and not secure. They usually require access to full application server access logs, which is hard to get, and involve parsing the data inside the logs, which is not exhaustive, not easy to work with, and not configurable.

There's got to be a better way!

The Solution

Access Log for Confluence is a one-stop complete solution to the problem of proper access tracking inside Atlassian Confluence.

It is an easily installable Confluence add-on with intuitive, powerful and convenient user interface, which monitors Confluence and tracks all attempts to view information stored in it. Administrators will be able to easily see who viewed or updated particular pages, attachments or comments, when it happened, where the access requests came from. They will also be able to use powerful reporting to narrow down the search to only the information they are interested in, and of course the tracking is highly configurable, so it's easy to set the retention period for the access logs.

This puts user access to content in your Confluence completely under administrators' control.

What access is tracked?

All attempts to view, create, update or delete pages, attachments and comments are tracked and recorded.

Different ways of accessing this data are covered, including using web UI to view individual pages, download attachments, browse search results, as well as using REST APIs to read or modify page, comment or attachment data. We expect this product to be a comprehensive solution to access logging, which you can rely upon.

Please feel absolutely free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions, and we will be happy to help.

Access Log Browsing, Filtering And Searching

All recorded access attempts are displayed in the Access Log page, which can be accessed via Administration / System / Access Log. This is the UI for browsing, searching and filtering content views (note the Filter button at the top left near the search box).

Event Coverage

The following events are covered in the access log:

Object Action
Page Create, View, Export, Update, Delete
Blog post Create, View, Export, Update, Delete
Comment Create, View, Update, Delete
Space Export
Attachment Create, View, Download, Update, Delete
Child pages View
Page/blog post source View
Comments of content (page/blog/comments/attachments) View
Descendant comments View
Inline comments and their replies View
Attachment version Delete
Attachment slides Download
Attachment in document conversion View
Word and excel documents preview View
Content related to space View
Content search View
Content by type and space key and title and posting date View
Macro content View

Access Log Configuration

Every organization is different when it comes to access logging policies and rules. That's why Access Log is highly configurable and is able to adjust to your specific needs. To configure access logging for your organization, please click Configuration button and provide the settings that work best for you. In particular, we support access log output to a file or syslog for smooth integration with your monitoring tools.

We are always open to adding more flexibility, so any suggestions are welcome.

Compatibility with Confluence

We support all Confluence versions starting from 7.4. If you use an older Confluence version and still want to install Access Log for Confluence, please tell us, and we will figure something out.

Give It a Try Today

The best way to experience the benefits of Access Log for Confluence is to install it freely and give it a try today.